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Whether it's basic controllable lighting, some simple sensors or a full blown Smart Home or Smart Business, we are here to help you build & install a cost effective solution. Our designs and plans will balance the technology with your budget, way of life and we will always consider those in your household or business who may not be comfortable with "Smart" controls and provide appropriate solutions.

How it works


You have already taken your first step to a successful Smart Home or Smart Business by reading this and doing your research! For most new clients we recommend getting in contact to discuss your unique requirements - we are all different and so are our Smart Home or Smart Business needs.

Call, email or use our contact page to let us know your initial requirements.

We will get back to you as soon as possible and depending on your requirements will probably recommend an initial cost effective consultation either online via a video call or face to face. 

After the initial consultation we will provide a basic report on our discussions and recommendations along with indicative costs. We can answer any queries and then if everything is acceptable we can schedule time to start work where applicable.


The foundation of any reliable Smart Home or business is the wireless connectivity.

Generally we would recommend using a wireless protocol called ZigBee rather than WIFI. We will help make sure that whatever existing wireless solutions already exist are robust and reliable, as even with mainly local control, there is often some requirement to have robust internet access. This can sometimes mean investing in new equipment to ensure that the reliability of your Smart Home or business is not impacted by the limited capabilities of internet service providers equipment. We can also help to build local only controls so your Smart features still function even when the Internet connection or WIFI is unavailable.


Controlling a Smart Home or business can be a challenge for family or staff members who do not want to use voice assistants or mobile phones. We can work with you to make sure the right solutions are implemented to ensure any Smart features work for everyone and not just the tech savvy family or business members. We can provide solutions such as wall mounted tablets, web sites, mobile phone controls as well as the more traditional voice assistants. We can even focus on physical controls only if preferred. We are also extremely keen on providing solutions for those people with physical challenges to help make their lives just a little easier.


A successful Smart Home or business only comes about through careful & considered planning.

You have to take into account who the users are within the home or business, any special needs requirements, the ease of adding new technologies in the future and ensuring that you maximise the longevity of any hardware purchased.

It's also important to try and standardise on technologies that allow for easy expansion and are well supported by the hardware or software manufacturers.

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