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Our Services

SmartTechKnow provide consulting & implementation services to clients who want to make their homes or small businesses smarter (a Smart Home or Smart Business). This can be as basic as some voice assistants or simple security cameras or as complex as a complete Smart Home/Business with sensors, control tablets, family/centralised dashboards, automations etc. For end users who are both "tech savvy" and those who don't have any technical experience, we have a solution for all. So, however large or small your requirements are please get in contact with us and we will be happy to help.

WiFi - Issues & Resolution

We are specialists in resolving WiFi issues in either homes or small businesses.


For example, we have completed a number of recent Garden Room projects where clients have needed to extend their existing WiFi into an outbuilding and everything they have tried has been unsuccessful. We have a number of solutions that have been proven to work reliably and are cost effective so feel free to get in touch to discuss your options.

Starlink Installations for rural locations

Do you live in a rural location where your existing internet service is either slow or unreliable or both?

We have successfully completed Starlink installations in rural locations that included the Starlink install and also any associated cabling and network equipment. 

Our clients have gone from slow and unreliable internet to having a reliable connection allowing the whole household to use the internet at the same time and with multiple streaming services working (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube etc.)

Consulting & Implementing

Want a Smart Home or Smart Business but don't know where to start?

Not sure what products you should use and those you should avoid?

Not sure how to “future proof” yourself so when your requirements grow or change you don’t have to start from scratch?

Want to be able to control your lights or other devices even if there’s an internet outage?

Let us help to plan out your project and determine the right products are used from the beginning to avoid costly mistakes.

Whether it’s just a simple voice assistant, a security camera or a whole home/business solution, making the right choices at the beginning of your "Smart" journey are critical. Many people think they only want the basics and then realise the power of having a smart home/business only to find that when they want to expand it, the systems won’t “talk” to each other. We can mitigate any issues with this.

Let us come and discuss your requirements and plans beforehand. A cost-effective initial consultation could save you from making costly mistakes.

Smart Home Control Tablets

Having any Smart controls, especially lighting, easily accessible is vital in any Smart Home or Business.

Let us design & build your own bespoke Smart Home tablet using widely available inexpensive technology – either wall mounted or on a stand.

Fully customisable by either you or us as required.

Smart Lighting

Bespoke lighting designs using commercially available and/or configurable options (Hue, WLED, LightWave, Govee etc.)

We can advise on all types of lighting, whether it's indoor smart bulbs, replacement smart wall switches, outside garden lights or outbuildings, LED lighting for the kitchen or smart lighting for a Business etc.


Today’s lives are busy and keeping track of everyone’s schedules can be tricky.

We can help to design and build family or business based dashboards showing pertinent information for each of your family or business members:

  • Calendars for each family member, or employee, centrally displayed on dedicated display or tablet

  • Up & coming important dates (Birthdays, Anniversaries etc).

  • News Headlines / Weather


At a glance view of any Smart Home or Business related sensors:

  • Doors Open / Closed

  • Leak Sensors

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Energy Usage

  • Stock Prices

  • Football Teams next fixture

  • Holiday Countdown

  • Security Camera Feeds

Please have a look at some examples of Dashboards, including those I’ve built here.

3D Design & Printing

Have you seen a 3D model online that you would like printed out?

Do you have a unique part you want designed and printed?

Do you or a member of your family have an interest in 3D printing but don’t know what to purchase or what things to consider?

Do you already have a 3D printer but are struggling to produce good prints and need some training/consulting?

Do you have older children who have an interest in 3D printing but you don’t know where to start?


We are able to provide assistance with all the above and can also provide an introductory or intermediate training course tailored to your needs.

Training & Tech Maintenance

Have an interest in building your own Smart Home or Smart Business but just want to talk to someone who has “been there and done that”?

Have one of your kids asked about getting into 3D Printing or Smart Tech but you don’t have the skills to advise them on what to purchase or help them get to grips with designing and printing?

Need some other technical advice and training on any other technical topic?

Need someone to call if your tech goes wrong?

Give us a call or get in touch and we will endeavour to either offer help directly or advise you on the best path forward.

What Our Clients Say

Jane Ansell (Shirley)

"Fantastic help with a CCTV system issue I was having. Arrived exactly when arranged, very pleasant conversation and knowledgeable help. Highly recommended.
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