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About SmartTechKnow

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SmartTechKnow is a small business started by Lee Marsh in 2022.

Lee is an IT veteran with over 35 years in the IT industry.

He started out young, writing software and having basic games published, and went on to achieve a BTEC Diploma in Computer Science (with 3 credits).

His first job after college was with a software company writing business software for different clients - using a 4th Generation programming language.

He then went on to work on his own as a contractor for a few years, writing software for a large Timber Merchant in London.

For the last 25+ years he has worked in the City of London for various financial institutions including Extel Financial, Thomson Financial and Thomson Reuters.

He has built up significant knowledge in the Smart Home & Smart Business world, initially as a hobby over the last 10+ years, along the way automating various elements of his wife's own small business - automations, display dashboards, lighting and many other "Smart" devices. He is also a keen amateur 3D designer and has been designing and printing his own 3D models for a number of years - from LED door numbers to distance sensors for parking the car through to basic bespoke 3D printed brackets.


To help households and small businesses plan and implement Smart technologies. We are particularly interested in helping provide solutions to people who have any sort of physical challenges to make their lives easier.

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